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Guangzhou Baide Plastic Processing Factory, one of the earliest production manufacturers of pesticides, industrial plastic barrels in Guangzhou. It equipped with advanced plastic injection molding and plastic blown molding equipments. The factory has nearly ten thousand square meters industrial park in Jianggao town, Baiyun District of Guangzhou. It professionally manufactures 1L-30L (1kg-30kg) pesticides and industrial barrels, such as fertilizer barrels, pesticide barrels, barrels of agriculture, liquid fertilizer barrel, veterinary barrels, barrels of food, cans of feed, detergent barrel, paint barrels, chemical barrels, ink bucket, oil barrel, waterproof paint bucket, water paint bucket, latex bucket, oil barrel, barrels packaging,barrels of samples, big mouth barrel . It provide delivery, printing and after-sales service.

Its products are in accordance with the relevant national norms of production. Quality are up to the national industry standards. For more than 20 years, its products sold throughout the country, are exported to Australia, Europe and the Middle East and other regions, widely used in chemical, paint, grease, food, medicine, pesticides and other industries. It has established a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with many domestic and foreign shopping malls and enterprises.

The factory is well equipped with various special printing devices for silk printing, transfer printing, thermal transfer printing, bronzing, and automatic baking equipment. It can print beautiful pictures and texts on products of all kinds of shapes (such as plane, round surface, curved surface, rough face, taper, sphere, etc) and made of all types of materials (such as plastic, glass. ceramic, metal, bamboo, wood, paper, leather, disc, etc).

The factory adheres to the principle of "good credibility and quality". Diplomatically, it abides by the principle of "credibility first". During the process of product development and production, it sticks to the principle of "quality first". its stable development and has won it deep trust from customers and approval in the society.